Hi, I’m Petra. Nice to meet you.

I’m a historian. Archivist. Football supporter. And the woman in football who can explain you the evolution and purpose of the football laws.

With both history and football I was socialized early on through my family – both are part of my life.

This website is about my passion for the evolution of the football sport.

I love to pass on my knowledge and thus make the world of football a bit better. And would also like to help and support you in this way. No matter what field of football you work in.

Centre of Excellence

The Evolution of the Laws of the Game

My goal is to support people in football to understand the evolution and the purpose of the laws, the history of the game, and how the spirit of the game has changed. Executives should be aware of this evolution when discussing and changing the laws, so we are not damned to just repeat instead of advancing them.

As a studied historian I am very familiar with the scientific methods of source criticism and knowledge transfer, but also with the interest of football supporters. My work is interdisciplinary. That’s your golden opportunity. I’m glad if I can help you.

photo of Dresden football club

Women in Football

As a woman in football, it is important to me to convey the history of other women in football, especially women’s football before 1970.

I am part of network F_in (Women in Football) and the podcast collective FRUEF – Women Talking about Football. The latter exists only since March 2019 and was awarded the Influencer Prize of the Golden Blogger for best sports blog 2019 in its first year.

Contact me if you are interested in my work or are just curious about my work.