Nice to meet you.

Hello, my name is Petra Tabarelli. 

I want to get to the heart of things and share my knowledge and experience to help other people – and thus contribute to making the world a better place.

I’m a historian, archivist and honoree who is addicted to football, classical music and Italy.

After studying history, I began to work as a municipal archivist. I still do this work, but I am also freelance historian for football history. My focus is on the development of football laws.
Other research fields, apart from the history of football, are the history of Jewish Germans and the history of women in the 19th century.

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I am a supporter of open access to scientific research. So, many of my publications are available on the Internet.

  • Simon Rosenberger – Der vergessene Pionier, in: DFB-Schiedsrichter-Zeitung 6/2019, S. 28-31. (Deutscher Fussball-Bundes e.V.)
  • Nachspielzeiten – A blog about the history of football, especially the history of football laws and codes (since 2017)
  • Ockenheimer Geschichte(n) – A blog about the history of my village Ockenheim (since 2012)
  • Articles for 120minuten
    • Vom Kaiserreich zur Kommerzialisierung: Deutschland und der moderne Fußball [From the (German) Empire to Commercialisation: Germany and Modern Football] (2018) – Link
    • Vom Gentlemen- zum Arbeitersport: England und der moderne Fußball [From Gentleman to Worker Sports: England and Modern Football] (2018) – Link
    • Die Wurzeln des modernen Fußballs [The roots of modern Football], podcast (2018) – Link
    • Die 60 wichtigen Episoden der deutschen Fußballgeschichte [The 60 most important episodes of the German football history] (2019) – Teil 1Teil 2Teil 3Teil 4Teil 5Teil 6
  • Twitter project @9nov38 (2013) (now: @DigitalPast) – Description | 9nov38 in the NYT [German]
  • Twitter project @digitalpast / Als der Krieg nach Hause kam – Description
  • Podcast FRUEF – Frauen reden ueber Fussball [Women talking about football] (member, since 2019)


Not open access available:

    • Research into the Nazi era in Bingen on the Rhine and author in „Bingen im Nationalsozialismus“ [Bingen during the Nazi era] (Client: Historische Gesellschaft Bingen)
    • Co-Author „Als der Krieg nach Hause kam“ [When the War came home] (Client: Ullstein Buchverlage, Prophylaen)

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