Nice to meet you.

Hello, my name is Petra Tabarelli. 

I’m a historian, archivist and honoree who is addicted to football, classical music and Italy.

My vision is to share my knowledge and experience for helping others.

reliabilty • authenticity • fairness • empathy


Current work and paid project


Former paid projects

  • Simon Rosenberger – Der vergessene Pionier, in: DFB-Schiedsrichter-Zeitung 6/2019, S. 28-31. (Client: Deutscher Fussball-Bundes e.V.)
  • Research into the Nazi era in Bingen on the Rhine and author in „Bingen im Nationalsozialismus“ [Bingen during the Nazi era] (Client: Historische Gesellschaft Bingen)
  • Co-Author „Als der Krieg nach Hause kam“ [When the War came home] (Client: Ullstein Buchverlage, Prophylaen)
  • As a trainee: Conception and implementation about the development of hardware and software (Client: Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • As a trainee: Registering of c. 300 administration records, originated between 1815 and 1972 (Client: Historische Gesellschaft Bingen)


My passion projects

  • Nachspielzeiten – A blog about the history of football, especially the history of football laws and codes (since 2017)
  • Ockenheimer Geschichte(n) – A blog about the history of my village Ockenheim (since 2012)
  • Author for 120minuten
    • Vom Kaiserreich zur Kommerzialisierung: Deutschland und der moderne Fußball [From the (German) Empire to Commercialisation: Germany and Modern Football] (2018) – Link
    • Vom Gentlemen- zum Arbeitersport: England und der moderne Fußball [From Gentleman to Worker Sports: England and Modern Football] (2018) – Link
    • Die Wurzeln des modernen Fußballs [The roots of modern Football], podcast (2018) – Link
    • Die 60 wichtigen Episoden der deutschen Fußballgeschichte [The 60 most important episodes of the German football history] (2019) – Teil 1Teil 2
  • digitalpast (an informal collective of German-speaking historians wishing to transmit history and historical thought by digital means and tries to be a connection between public history and modern forms of communication, a place to try out new formats, to discuss and to criticize)
  • FRUEF – Frauen reden ueber Fussball [Women talking about football] (member, since 2019)
  • Historische Gesellschaft Bingen [Historical Association Bingen] (position: CEO, since 2018)
  • Arbeitskreis Juedisches Bingen [Workgroup Jewish Bingen] (position: Committee member, since 2017)
  • Kirchenchor Ockenheim [Choir in Ockenheim] (position: Secretary, since 2013)


My awards

  • dpa News Talent 2014 for twitter project 9nov38
  • Goldener Blogger des Jahres, Kategorie „Twitteraccount des Jahres“ 2013 for twitter project 9nov38


Contact information