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Football Makes History

Football is closely interwoven with politics and everyday life – that is a fact. Football Makes History is a European project funded by Euroclio that brings together history educators and youth workers from all over Europe to develop new educational resources that can help young people explore European history and heritage through the lens of football, as well as use football to tackle social exclusion.

Legende Verloren

In 1990, the Women’s Bundesliga was founded in Germany. And who scored the first goal … no, that was not known for thirty years. The reason: it was not noted  at the time and was not researched correctly afterwards. Legende Verloren (Lost Legends) is researching the development and culture of women’s football worldwide. The podcast is in German.

Arbeitskreis Jüdisches Bingen

Bingen on the Rhine has a Jewish history that spans centuries. Jewish people from Bingen have lived and worked since the Middle Ages – especially in the wine trade. Around 1900, Bingen had the highest percentage of Jewish inhabitants in the whole of Germany. The association remembers them. I am part of the board.

Historische Gesellschaft Bingen

The Bingen Historical Society (Historische Gesellschaft Bingen) has existed for almost 50 years and is the supporting association of the Bingen Archives, which I manage. I am also the managing director of this association, which both promotes and publishes significant projects and research.

Kirchenchor Ockenheim

I love and live music. Along with my family, it is my anchor in my stressful everyday life. I listen to it to clear my head again and prefer to do it in a group. I have been singing in the choir for 30 years and the group is more than a hobby. I was youth spokesperson and have been secretary since 2013.

Podcast FRÜF (Women talking about football)

Do you like listening to great podcasts about football and do you understand German? FRÜF is something for you. I myself am part of this wonderful collective that was awarded the Golden Blogger in 2020 for the best sports blog in 2019. FRÜF is the abbreviation of Frauen reden über Fußball – Women taking about football.