Project Summary

This is a concise overview of my four most important jobs and projects.

[1] Offers of the Bingen Municipal Archives

As an archivist, it is important to me to present Bingen history in an entertainingly way and to pass on my enthusiasm.

  • ArchivDingsTag (a made-up word from the German words “Dienstag” (Tuesday) and “Archivding” (archive thing)): snackable Bingen history with historical photo and a short story – every Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram (and freely accessible on the website).
  • Archivalien erzaehlen Geschichte(n) (Archival documents tell (hi)story): Longer articles on the history of Bingen – published in loose succession
  • Guide to genealogical research: a short guide line on how to research people sensibly and efficiently, based on my experience
  • Newsletter “Geschichte Bingen”: a newsletter with news from the town archives and the Bingen museum – every second Monday of the month
  • The History of the Bingen Wine Festival: 2021 I researched the origins and history of the Bingen Wine Festival and put it online. New content appears every year for the new Wine Festival, which means at the beginning of September
  • Research about British Rhine tourism in Bingen in the 19th century: still in the early stages of research, but an article has already been published on Playing Pasts about Victoria College for British students in Bingen in the 19th century.
  • [coming] Bingen’s Football History

Further information on the Bingen Municipal Archives can be found in the press review at, most recently “Better staffing for Bingen municipal archives” (March 16, 2023, Allgemeine Zeitung))

[2] About Football History

My focus is on the time when association football came to Germany (see also Victoria College in Bingen under [1]) and also the history of the Laws of the Game, especially the offside rule. More than 200 articles in German and English can be found on my blog, but I also write for WebDE and the DFB referee magazine. In addition, I do numerous expert interviews for podcasts, radio and television – also live.

Most recently:

Moreover, I am the author of the biography on Simon Rosenberger (a Jewish referee whose memory was intentionally erased during the Nazi era) and have written the article “Jewish sports journalists working for Kicker – Willy Meisl, Stella Bloch, Ludwig Isenburg, Simon Rosenberger” for the comprehensive study on the German football magazine Der Kicker (The Kicker) (reading sample of the whole book).

Mainly in my blog (most articles are in German and English), also several articles in the referee magazine of the DFB, and regular columns on football history at WebDE, all listed and linked hereall listed and linked here. In addition, there are several interviews (podcasts, radio, TV, live TV).

[3] Midsomer Murders History

Midsomer Murders – woven into the very warp and woof of England’s History, is a current project that you can follow on since March 2023. My very extensive chronology of Midsomer County is already online here – probably the first chronology there is. More formats will follow from midsummer 2023.

[4] History of Ockenheim (my birth village)

This was my first big passion project in the internet. It‘s completely in German: Ockenheimer Geschichte(n)