For you & With you

Through my experience and knowledge I can help you in different ways.

Here you will find an overview of offers, but also individual arrangements are possible.

… as a speaker

You are a team and want to know more about the evolution of the Laws of the Game? A presentation is the perfect way to do this.

The 60-minute presentation is a frontal lecture, the 90-minute and 120-minute ones offer some interaction with you, the audience.

For each one of the 17 laws I offer prepared presentations. But also individually created ones are possible.

… as an interview-partner

I can talk not only about historical perspectives and research, but of course also about current issues. For example on the Bundesliga, referees, women in football or current Laws of the Game.

… as an author

I studied history and am familiar with the humanities and historical methods. These skills support a competent and professional realisation of projects. Be it research or the writing of articles.

… as a consultant

My support through my knowledge and experience is always possible for your project.

Are you interested?

Feel free to contact me via contact form or other possibilities.