My offers

Through my experience and knowledge, I can help you in various ways. You can see here what experience I have already gathered – much of it is digital and openly accessible, so you can easily get a first impression.

Here you will find an overview of the offers, but individual arrangements are also possible.

My offers

As an author

I have extensive experience in developing publications and writing articles for digital and print media. And I do it without academic language, but in an understandable way.

“Petra, I actually have a wish…”

As an interview partner

What is actually the purpose of the offside rule? How did women play football in Germany before 1955? Was there only Lotte Specht? Are you looking for impulses for contemporary knowledge transfer of sports history?
These are possible ideas for an interview with me.

“Petra, I have another question…”

As a presenter

You are an association of referees and you are planning to include the history of football rules in your training? And you are looking for an expert?
I can gladly do that. No matter if it’s about one, several or all rules.

“Petra, explain something about offside…”

As a researcher

I may not be Sherlock Holmes, but I enjoy researching as much as he does and regularly feed my databases. Thanks to my studies in history and culture, I have learned to research effectively and thoroughly. Of course, you can benefit from this.

“Petra, take a look…”