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Football substitution – The real story based on documents


Football substitution is an issue I am currently researching. Although the sources speak a clear language. But there have been many exceptions in football substitution, as match reports show.

I know of exceptions in some countries on the European mainland between the First and Second World Wars. The four British associations also knew about this and tried to press FIFA to comply with the rules first. But in the end (1931) they unofficially let the continental European way continue. It had already become a common law there in the few years it had been in existence, and it was much appreciated.

Whether there were further exceptions on other continents, I will also research. Therefore I am also grateful for photographed or scanned match reports until 1967. 🙏🏻 Click here for the “Contact” page.

In this post I give an overview of the development of football substitution as far as I can draw/describe it at the moment.

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Schutzhand made in Germany

Bronze sculpture Schutzhand by Ursula Stock, 1983

Schutzhand in German, beschermen in Dutch. Not everywhere in world exist the myth about the reflex of holding your hands in front of your face to protect yourself when something suddenly comes at you. However, this reaction is inconvenient when playing football, because you risk an intentional or deliberate handball. It is better to turn your face away or duck.

I tell you more about the myth from the German perspective and would be glad if you let me know if this myth in your country exists and what name is has.

Yet the myth about the Schutzhand has been around for about 100 years. Exactly where this myth first arose is no longer discernible.

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