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Since 2019, I have been a freelance football historian on the side. A passion I started as a hobby in 2015. The other half of my working life I manage the Bingen Archive. Through this job, I have learned to impart knowledge and methods, as well as to record and prepare data. Since 2017, I have been sharing my knowledge, my notes for free, open access on replays. Later came invitations to podcast episodes, symposia and workshops. In addition, I have been a member of FRÜF – Frauen reden über Fußball (Women talking about football) since 2019.


In autumn 2015, I started to prepare a lecture for the #tkschland, a meeting of football-savvy twitter users. My topic: The development of football rules. My sources: Eight rulebooks I found online and a rulebook for the 1977/78 season from my dad. The more I read in, collected sources and evaluated them, the more I licked blood. And after the lecture it was clear: I have to publish it. But how? As a book? It’s difficult to write such a dry subject in a readable way. And on top of that, I am missing many, many sets of rules, because after all, the football laws have been changing almost every year since the middle of the 19th century. After some research, I found a source online: most of the IFAB protocols since 1886. I worked through all of them, noting every change.


In spring 2017, I was finally done with it: each law had its own chronologies, if necessary I had subdivided a rule. I founded post-games. My blog, where I can pass on the information that I had searched for in vain a year and a half before. That’s how it began…


Nachspielzeiten, my blog about the evolution of the Laws of the Game and football game in general (since 2017, 📝, 🇩🇪🇬🇧)



Nachspielzeiten, my blog about the evolution of the Laws of the Game and football game in general (since 2017, 📝, 🇩🇪🇬🇧)

Vom Kaiserreich zur Kommerzialisierung: Deutschland und der moderne Fußball (120 minutes, 09/2018, 📝, 🇩🇪)

For Gentlemen- zum Arbeitersport: England und der moderne Fußball (120 minutes, 05/2018, 📝, 🇩🇪)


Episode 18: ‘Die Wurzeln des modernen Fußballs’ mit Petra Tabarelli (120 minutes, 09/2018, 🎙, 🇩🇪)



Nachspielzeiten, my blog about the evolution of the Laws of the Game and football game in general (since 2017, 📝, 🇩🇪🇬🇧)

Die wichtigsten Episoden der deutschen Fußballgeschichte (120 minutes, 07-12/2019, 📝, 🇩🇪)
Teil 1: 1870er bis 1903
Teil 2: 1904 bis 1934
Teil 3: 1938 bis 1968
Teil 4: 1970 bis 1982
Teil 5: 1990 bis 2005
Teil 6: 2006 bis 2018

Simon Rosenberger – Der vergessene Pionier (DFB-Schiedsrichter-Zeitung, 12/2019, 📝, 🇩🇪)


FRÜF005: Traumbundesligavorschau (FRÜF, 08/2020, 🎙, 🇩🇪)

FRÜF008: (Fußball-)Expertise (FRÜF, 11/2020, 🎙, 🇩🇪)



Archivalien erzählen Geschichte(n) (Archive Bingen, 📝, 🇩🇪)

Nachspielzeiten, my blog about the evolution of the Laws of the Game and football game in general (since 2017, 📝, 🇩🇪🇬🇧)

Artikel auf LinkedIn (📝, 🇩🇪🇬🇧)

Die Grenzen des Spiels (DFB-Schiedsrichter-Zeitung, 02/2020, 📝, 🇩🇪)

Die Demokratisierung des Fußballs (Zeitspiel-Magazin, 03/2020, 📝, 🇩🇪, not open access)

Wie der Schiedsrichter ins Spiel kam (DFB-Schiedsrichter-Zeitung, 07/2020, 📝, 🇩🇪)

Dem Vulkan geweiht. Bingen und das Binger Land, 4. Juni 1789. (In: Klaus Kremb (Hg.): Kartographie der Zerstörung. Der rheinhessische Raum des späten “friedlosen 17. Jahrhunderts” im großmaßstäblichen Kartenbild Joseph Claudes Favrot. Alzey 2020. S. 105-110. 12/2020, 📝, 🇩🇪, not online)


The History of Football Rule-Making (OutsideWrite, 01/2020, 🎙, 🇬🇧)

HSV (Hi)Story (HSV Talk, 03/2020, 🎙, 🇩🇪)

FRÜF013: Frauenfußball, Männerfußball und Corona (FRÜF, 05/2020, 🎙, 🇩🇪)

Ein Steilpass durch die Fußballgeschichte (Geschichte Europas, 11/2020, 🎙, 🇩🇪)

Webinar and Workshop

Themenimpulse für die Sportgeschichte (Speaker at the Digital Workshop for the tutors of the History Competition of the Federal President in Rhineland-Palatinate, Topic: Moving Times, 10/2020, 🎥, 🇩🇪, nicht online)


The impact of the corona virus in Germany – reactions of supporters and players with a special focus on women’s football (Global Sport Industry and Coronavirus Symposium, veranstaltet vom Edinburgh Critical Studies in Sport Research Group, 06/2020, 🎥, 🇬🇧, not online)

Portraits about me

Der Ball ist nicht einfach nur rund. Portrait of me as a football historian by Jochen Werner. (Allgemeine Zeitung, 08/2020, 👤 📝, 🇩🇪, nicht open access)

Petra Tabarelli – Musikalische Fußballermittlerin Portrait of me as a football historian bySarah Schäfer. (Eigenstimmig Podcast, 10/2020, 👤 🎙, 🇩🇪)


Webinar & Conference

The first World Cup in 1930 and the beginning of modern football (Soccerex Heritage 02/2021, 🎥, 🇬🇧)

Die Entwicklung der Fußballregeln (Speaker at the meeting of the District Referees Association Mainz Bingen 02/2021, 🎥, 🇩🇪, not online)

Articles and Papers

Archivalien erzählen Geschichte(n) (Archive Bingen, 📝, 🇩🇪)

Nachspielzeiten, my blog about the evolution of the Laws of the Game and football game in general (since 2017, 📝, 🇩🇪🇬🇧)

Schiedsrichterinnen im Männerfußball 2020-2021 (Nachspielzeiten, 01/2021, 📝, 🇩🇪)

Jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne (Pfeiffer/Heil (Hgg.): Fußballfibel, 1. FSV Mainz 05, 02/2021, 📝, 🇩🇪, not online)

Abseits ist, wenn … (DFB-Schiedsrichter-Zeitung, 02/2021, 📝, 🇩🇪)

Female referees in football – All in top men’s football (Petra Tabarelli, 03/2021, 📝, 🇬🇧)

Female referee milestones – in men’s top football (Petra Tabarelli, 03/2021, 📝, 🇬🇧)

All female teams in men’s top football (Petra Tabarelli, 03/2021, 📝, 🇬🇧)

The rise of female referees in professional men’s football (Football Makes History, 04/2021, 📝, 🇬🇧)

Am Anfang war die Depesche (Archive Bingen/, 04/2021, 📝, 🇩🇪)

Risse in der gläsernen Decke: Schiedsrichterinnen im Männerfußball (, FRÜF-Kolumne, 05/2021, 📝, 🇩🇪)

Female referees in men’s football: ICYMI 1 (petra-tabarelli, 05/2021,  📝, 🇬🇧)

NN (Article for “Kicker im Nationalsozialismus, tbd, 📝, 🇩🇪, soon)


“Ich muss als Frau erstmal zeigen, ich habe Ahnung (Flutlicht An!, 02/2021, 🎙, 🇩🇪)

Die Geschichte des Frauenfußballs, mit Petra Tabarelli (Geschichte Europas, 05/2021, 🎙, 🇩🇪)

Portraits about me

“Ich bezeichne mich als Detektivin”. Portrait of me as a football historian by Mara Pfeiffer (Sport1, 02/2021, 👤 📝, 🇩🇪)


Interview by Astrid Rawohl, Deutschlandfunk: Frauen und Fußball hat lange nicht ins patriarchale Bild gepasst. The interview was broadcast on Saturday 27 March 2021 as part of the programme Sport am Wochenende (Sports at the weekend), but is still available. The link leads to a post summarising the interview. Clicking on the icon ▶️ on the left below the post image leads to the interview. (Sport am Wochenende, 03/2021, 🎙, 🇩🇪)


Die Fußballfibel – Das Buch zum 05er-Spirit (SAT1, 02/2021, 👤🎥, 🇩🇪)

SWR Sport in Rheinland-Pfalz (SWR, 04/2021, 👤🎥, 🇩🇪, not online)

Stadt, Land, Quiz (SWR, 04/2021, 🎥, 🇩🇪, Broadcast on May 22st)

Weather and Football Rules (hr fernsehen, Alle Wetter, 06/2021, 👤🎥, 🇩🇪, live) [The interview starts at minute 8:03.]


Further historical publications and projects

As part of Digital Past, I was involved in 9nov38 (memories of the November Pogrom 1938) and Als der Krieg nach Hause kam (the last months of the war in Germany, 1945). In both projects, we let our Twitter followers participate in the events of that time – to the day and, if possible, the hour, only 70 and 75 years later. In addition, a book on Als der Krieg nach Hause (When the War Came Home) was published by Propyläen Verlag, which I worked on.

Back when I was a student, I was part of the project team of the history department on the occasion of the city of Mainz being named City of Science in 2011. For this, I independently worked on the history of the Mainz Armklarissen monastery, which was located in the middle of today’s city centre (near the Römerpassage), using archives and sources.
An opening event with lectures was held for this purpose, and our publication was also distributed.

The men’s choir (MGV) 1866 Ockenheim existed from 1866 to 2017. Since my grandpa and my dad were the secretaries of the association for many years (1950-2017), I took the opportunity to research the history of the association scientifically for the 150th anniversary celebration. The result was a short publication in the official gazette of our municipality (“Nur frisch, nur frisch gesungen!“) as well as the commemorative book, which is deliberately not a classic volume of self-congratulation, but consists mainly of highlights on the history of the association – also critical of the Nazi era.

In 2018, an anthology was published in which the Nazi history of Bingen am Rhein was researched for the first time. As the city archivist there, I wrote an overview of the holdings in the city archive as well as a critical study of the changes within the city administration for this volume.

Petra Tabarelli

Hello, I’m Petra Tabarelli, the world’s leading expert on the evolution of the Laws of the Game and the history of women referees in men’s football and manage the Bingen Archive.

I am a historian, archivist and football fan and work part-time as both an archivist and a football historian. This site primarily serves my portfolio as a football historian.

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My offers

Through my experience and knowledge, I can help you in various ways. You can see here what experience I have already gathered – much of it is digital and openly accessible, so you can easily get a first impression.

Here you will find an overview of the offers, but individual arrangements are also possible.

My offers

As an author

I have extensive experience in developing publications and writing articles for digital and print media. And I do it without academic language, but in an understandable way.

“Petra, I actually have a wish…”

As an interview partner

What is actually the purpose of the offside rule? How did women play football in Germany before 1955? Was there only Lotte Specht? Are you looking for impulses for contemporary knowledge transfer of sports history?
These are possible ideas for an interview with me.

“Petra, I have another question…”

As a presenter

You are an association of referees and you are planning to include the history of football rules in your training? And you are looking for an expert?
I can gladly do that. No matter if it’s about one, several or all rules.

“Petra, explain something about offside…”

As a researcher

I may not be Sherlock Holmes, but I enjoy researching as much as he does and regularly feed my databases. Thanks to my studies in history and culture, I have learned to research effectively and thoroughly. Of course, you can benefit from this.

“Petra, take a look…”